The Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump - The Transcript

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Our country is divided. Almost everyone is either pro-Trump or anti-Trump, with very few undecided. This division manifests itself in so many ways, but none more so than the way we consume the news. We process each piece of new information based on our preconceived biases. If President Trump tweets today a negative comment about someone, pro-Trumpers will automatically assume that the person deserved the comment, while anti-Trumpers will automatically assume the president is again unhinged. There is no middle ground, no nuance.

In large part, this division has been exacerbated by the media. Today each media outlet is biased either for Trump or against Trump. If one were to listen to how a news item was reported in both the conservative and the liberal media, one would hear 2 entirely different stories.

There is no single source of news that has both the pro-Trump view and the anti-Trump view in the same story.

Until now.

The Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump brings the viewpoints of both President Trump and his detractors together, in one book, in one trial – in the Senate. This book presents the full transcript of the Senate Trial. As you read through the pages, you will be exposed to President Trump’s view, as well as the Democrats’ view, of all that has transpired in the political world since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2015. You will hear each side present its arguments, counter-arguments, and counter-counter-arguments.

Whether you are a Trump supporter, Never-Trumper or anti-Trumper, allow yourself to overcome your biases, and listen to both sides of the argument with an open mind. Imagine yourself being one of the 100 Senators tasked with the ultimate decision of removing or acquitting the President of the United States. Look past the party affiliation, and focus just on the evidence and arguments.

What will you decide?

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